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2017 Testimonials

We thought it was long overdue we let the world know just some of the great things our visitors have to say about their time here! Below are just some of their great comments. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to write them. (Click images to zoom in)

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Autumn 2017 Message

Autumn at Diamond Hill Farm The walnut trees planted beside the drive 12 years ago, are now producing a nice crop of nuts. Hopefully the squirrels will be happy with acorns!

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2015 Testimonials

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Some Testimonials from 2015 Our guests always have great things to say about our accommodation – here’s a few comments from last year. I’d like to say a big thank you to all our guests for your kind comments! (Click images to zoom in)  

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Spring Message 2016

Spring Message 2016 We now have 8 hens, 3 black Copper Merans and 5 ginger hens. They lay beautiful dark brown eggs which we include in the hamper. They enjoy roaming all around the farm, sometimes even in to the garden.

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Winter Message

Many blackbirds are enjoying the red and yellow cotoneaster and pyracantha berries along the drive.  Also there is a good show of pheasants across the field. Already spring bulbs are showing through, so we can look forward to a colourful Spring with snowdrops, daffodils and tulips all planted.

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Spring Message

The garden is looking good again this Spring with the 2 new blueberry bushes and blossom on the Bramley and Epicure apple trees. Fruit is setting on the greengage plum and the damson trees that we planted in2013. I hope that we will have plums this year – frost permitting! The rhubarb is growing well […]

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